Sshhhh – Really good Insider Information (V3)

Howdy y’all,

I’m channeling my inner cowgirl because I have some insider info for you and your kinfolk regarding the big watering hole down in the South(towns)!

Just like your kids, dogs or quirky friends, all of the New York Beer Projects have their own unique personalities.  This newest, and largest NYBP in Orchard Park as you can see in the above logo, will be known as The New York Beer Project Beer Lodge – aka – NYBP OP – aka - The Beer Lodge, because what could possibly be more fun than a cozy lodge where you drink beer?  Picture1.jpg











windowKevin and I - after a typical day spent putting together bar stools, looking over Tap Management, or proof-reading February specials for the 14th time, occasionally drive over for a beer, and enjoy the laid back, yet beautiful atmosphere at the Disney Wilderness Lodge that’s located about 2 miles as the crow flies from NYBP Orlando. This, along with the beautiful log house below in the Midwest was the inspiration for the new NYBP OP. It won’t have 729 hotel rooms connected to it, or a live underground geyser spouting every hour; however, it will feature the tranquility, the beautiful logs, the green metal roof, and the glorious drive-through timber portico where you can drop off Grandma or your family if it’s raining.

The 2 story glass windows will look into the beautiful lobby, with the 5’ candlelight chandeliers, and we’ve actually turned the “inspiration” stained glass window above into our own stained-glass piece of art!

The fun part after designing and building this NYBP Beer Lodge for over a year now is the finishing touches are starting to appear! 

Our sustainable concrete hand-hewn timbers are being driven in from Wisconsin Rapids WI as we speak! 


The  Eldorado rough cut stone that will grace the inside and outside walls is coming soon!6.jpg   .   

7.jpgMy (and probably everyone’s) favorite spot in the building will most likely be the downstairs event space with its reclaimed barnwood ceilings, stone walls and 6’ tall hanging lantern. More on the very special naming of that room soon!

There are so many cool details happening inside and outside those Beer Lodge walls, and we’ll fill you in on all of them, but one thing is for sure, the NYBP Beer Lodge will be a very special place to enjoy Good Beer, Good Food and Good Times!  Cheers!



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